Seeking RFID / NFC / SLIX advice for dog park scenario

Hi, all.

I have a client who manages multiple dog parks with memberships. There is a person who checks-in the owner & dog (a greeter) and then the owner & dog can leave through another gate at their own discretion. He would like a simple solution where the tag can be scanned with an iPhone or Android device (i.e. NFC or QR code) but can also be read from a distance (e.g. 1.5 meters) when the party is exiting with a reader near the gate.

I was told that the icode slix was a good solution for this but I’m not able to find information and it also seems that in some places it is reported as discontinued. Can anyone point me to a similar solution with current technology that will hopefully stay around for a little while? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Hi Tom Welcome to Tech Forum.
I am sorry, we would not have a good solution for you . NXP’s ICODE SLIX (or NTAG) is probably reasonable NFC/RFID technology for the application since it works with smartphones and a short range reader but we do not carry much for finished products. So we would not have a plug and play type of option for this type of application. You might check with a retailer of complete RF finished products to offer.