Seiko epson top marking


We have to differnt types of markings for part number TG-5035cj-18S-26.0000MHZ and we were wondering if Sieko had different top markings than Epson. They are identical in every other way ( fit, form and function except the top marking. The datasheet (see attached ) does not explaing or provide a breakdown of the top markings. We think they are both good but we dont want to assume they are good. Can you plese take a look and let us know what the top part markings represent.


From what I am able to see the Epson and Seiko Oscillators will have different part markings. Each will have an identifier marking that will remain the same for the manufacture and there will be a data / lot code which will change with the date and batch.


Thank-you for your response. Is there a datasheet that explains the breakdown of the markings for Seiko and for Epson. We just want to make sure that the marking are good and what they represent? Year? Lot code #? And are traced back to the manufacturer

Please let us know . Thank-you!