Self controlled circuit breaker


I am looking for a special type of circuit breaker. It needs to have 3 poles ja current rating up to 63A. I want to be able to open (only open, not closing) the circuit breaker connections as part of a safety circuit.

Otherwise the breaker would act like a normal circuit breaker. Add on is that I want to be able to trigger it OFF also remotely. It has to be some type of eFuse but I haven’t been able to find a suitable candidate. Contactor is not the answer in this case :wink: It would do the job yes but I want to know does this type of circuit breaker exist?

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That’s definitely not what you want.

Also a circuit breaker is a safety device, as such it should never be used to do anything but break a circuit when the current limit is exceeded. So adding any kind of remote control capability is an extreme violation of pretty much all global safety standards.


Hello Paul.

Thank you for the fast reply. I also think this is the case. I guess I have to use the contactor.

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The missing term in this conversation is “shunt trip.”

The shunt trip is an option that allows a circuit breaker to be remotely tripped by an auxiliary system. For example, a large 63 A 3-phase circuit breaker may be tripped by applying a 24 VDC signal to the shunt trip circuit.

One option is this circuit breaker manufactured by Phoenix Contact:

We need to carefully examine the datasheet to find the part number for the shunt trip accessory. Note that the several different versions are available with a voltage rating to match your system. One example is this 24 VDC side mount accessor is located here:

This picture shows how the shunt trip is installed on the side of the larger circuit breaker.

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Image showing how to install the shunt trip accessory on a Phoenix Contact circuit breaker.

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Hello APDahlen.

This might actually do the trick. I’ll look into it. Thank you also for providing the item model(s). It will save me some time.