Sensing Distance for MaxBotix Inc. MB7368-100 Ultrasonic Sensor

The MB7368, part of MaxBotix Inc.'s line of outdoor sensors, is a robust ultrasonic sensor module designed for rugged environments.

This ultrasonic sensor detects objects beginning at 1mm from the device and ranges out to objects from 50-cm to 10-meter range. Specifically engineered to prioritize the detection of the largest acoustic return, the MB7368 automatically switches focus to the next largest detectable target if the primary target is removed from its field of view.

In instances where achieving the maximum target distance proves challenging, Corner Reflection may be the culprit. If unwanted detections persist and you suspect a corner reflector, a recommended testing method involves placing a soft material over the suspected target to assess changes in detection.

Considering the challenges related to corner reflections, MaxBotix recommend exploring the use of part number MB7363-100. This alternative sensor, with its first target detection and higher sensitivity, could offer improved performance, even though it may be susceptible to corner reflections.

For further insights into cube corner reflectors and their implications, refer to the linked article on Cube Corner Reflectors.

Applicable Part Number
DK Part # Mfr Part #
1863-MB7368-100-ND MB7368-100
1863-MB7368-120-ND MB7368-120
1863-MB7368-110-ND MB7368-110
1863-MB7368-101-ND MB7368-101
1863-MB7368-130-ND MB7368-130
1863-MB7368-121-ND MB7368-121
1863-MB7368-111-ND MB7368-111
1863-MB7368-131-ND MB7368-131