Ultrasonic sensor (transmitter, receiver)


Hi, I am finding an ultrasonic sensor (with transmitter and receiver), for thickness measurement.
I need a very precise measurement, resolution in terms of mm.
I want to integrate it with an Arduino.

Can anyone suggest any ultrasonic sensor which can fulfill this requirement?


Hello HiralMistry,

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Ultrasonic sensors aren’t known for extreme precision. The higher end industrial options list a give or take 1.6mm resolution. Your lower end options for object detection robots do not bother returning resultion higher than 1 centimeter, but this resolution would be at a specific distance/range.

I might be able to better advise if there’s more information on the application. Distance the reading is being taken at, range of readings and material type/finish would be helpful.


I’m not sure who sells semi-precision ultrasonic thickness sensors. For higher precision (0.1mm accuracy or better) metrology there are the instrument manufacturers like these two:
Dakota Ultrasonics


This is going to be used for close range thickness measurement of an object. Measurement should be very precise. It is going to be used under normal condition (room temperature).

For this application, I need the waves to penetrate through the object. Can you suggest how I can I get to know which specific frequency waves I should use?


What type of material are you hoping to measure, HiralMistry? Any idea of its composition, the expected thickness range you’re looking for, how far away the sensor will be? The more we know about the specific task you’re hoping to accomplish, the more we can assist.