Sentrius IG60 Comparison 455-00006 vs 455-00008

There are two version of the Sentrius IG60 LTE modem on Digikey, but the spec sheet seems to direct both to the same information. Would anyone be able to provide a more detailed difference between the 455-00006-ND and 455-00008-ND? Also, the spec sheet says that LTE support will be coming soon. Has that already changed, and if so, what SIM card does it require? Thank you!

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum jwiesner.
Both parts are linked to the 455-00008 datasheet. The main difference is the Bluetooth protocol.
455-00006 is for Bluetooth v4.2, and 455-00008 is for Bluetooth v5.0

Thank you for the fast reply! Would you also happen to know about their LTE capabilities? I can’t seem to make out a slot for a SIM card from the pictures.

I do not believe they have the LTE capability. The datasheet says this about the connections:
Multiple Ways to Connect – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, Ethernet, Serial, and
USB interfaces available, with CAT-1 LTE connectivity coming soon

Bases on the date of the spec sheet it seems to be from 2019. I was hoping they have since made an update. Thank you again, David!