Shell for Amphenol 19 pin cable connector

Hi trying to find the shell for an Amphenol 62GB-56T14-19P connector. I see the datasheets shows an angled-exit cable shell called a 62GB-711 but I don’t see it in the catalogue. Can you help me find the correct shell, thanks!


We do not carry the 62GB-711. We do not carry a R/A version for this connector.

Thanks for the quick response!
It appears the part number for the straight connector would be 62GB-585. (Shell for the 62GB-56T14-19P). Can I get verification of that part number before I purchase, thanks!


Hi lounormandeau,

Thank you for your reply. Below are backshell/cable clamps listed for size 14 connector, please review datasheet specifications to make sure it will work for you before ordering:
Click here for 623-62GB-585-14-19P-ND | 623-62GB-585-14-19S-ND | 623-62GB-720-14-ND

Below is also an optional cover cap, which should be included with the connector per datasheet snippet:

Click here for 623-62GB-812-14-ND