Hello, whats the cross reference or the specs for the SMD diode LZ03A please ?



I am sorry to say that I am not able to verify the specification for that LZ03A.
Would you have information on that item?

its connected in a power supply and is connected between the ground and 24v line, as per my search its a zener diode hooked up in reverse for protection, just couldn’t find the voltage rating

Hello emhemed. Going by the part marking “LZ0” there are a few DC/DC converters listed on this “SMD Component marking” document. None of which we carry, unfortunately. If any of these match the package type you’re looking for, you could put the part number in our cross reference tool.

Thoughtful power supply designs (test bench types particularly) will often include a (standard) diode across the output to protect the supply from being reverse-biased by externally applied voltages. This can happen easily when series-connected supplies are driving a load.

Voltage protection is less of an issue because there is typically a substantial capacitance across a supply’s output (or input for that matter) capable of absorbing small transients, and if a source is connected in parallel that’s capable of causing damage due to over-voltage, the protection afforded by a zener diode is likely to only last a few seconds at most.

Assuming the device in question is being used in this way, most any footprint-compatible diode with an adequate reverse voltage rating could likely do a reasonable job. Lower Vf figures are preferable, so I’d suggest looking at a shottky device rated for maybe 50V.

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