Snap on coax connector to suit a smd female U.FL/IPEX

The - smd female U.FL/IPEX - seems to be commonly found on pcb WIFI devices but there seems to be a number of different identifying names for a matching plug.
These are the ones that I think will snap on: U.FL/UMCC and IPEX/MHF1.
Can someone from Digikey Tech please confirm?

Ideally if someone can supply a Digikey link to a cable assembly product approx 100mm coax(50ohm) with suitable plugs on either end, that would be great. Thanks.

Hello @gjgsmithvr,

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You are correct, the U.FL, UMCC, IPEX, MHF1 are all compatible. Click here for 100mm cable options


Thank you Jeff for your prompt reply, much appreciated.