SoLiCo 14V 1.2 watt indicator light

Any Idea where I can buy these small lights or something similar to replace a burnt out one in my panel? They appear to be clear lights and I can’t find them!

I can see the same brand and specs here: Solico 14V 1.2W Indicator Lamp Red. SKU: 40448-D-A100-36 | eBay But the outlook is not the same. I think you got different color.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. We don’t carry the Solico brand but we do have panel indicators, take a look at these options to see if one will work for you, Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey .

Thanks for your help. Yes mine are about 1/4 to 3/8 inch pipe with an LED at the tip. I think mine are more like the one shown in my link – sigh – not available to Canada and available in red only and now it ended!


I am not sure the diameter you need but here is some options.

Click Here

492-1892-ND looks to be the closes option

Hi allfritz123,

For clarification:

  • What color light do you need?
  • What diameter do you need? (you need to actually measure this if we are to provide a valid option)

If it is truly a 1.2W indicator, it’s highly unlikely that it is LED-based. 1.2 Watts is much more power than they would typically draw. Regardless, we have many indicator lights which might work for you if you can tell use what color and diameter you need.