Sourcing of a specific switch

We are having alot of trouble sourcing a specific component for our design. We need a right angle slide switch that has 4 positions to it, but no common terminals/pins. Such a switch would have 8 pins and for each of the positions it would short 2 specific pins (ie position 1 would short pins 1&2, position 2 would short pins 3&4, and so on). Are there any recommendations for this application? (We know a DIP switch would also work, but we hate the UX of such a component & would prefer a tactile/slide switch instead)


The closest thing I’m finding to that functional concept is among the rotary switches, some of which are listed as an “adjacent contact” type. Probably not suitable for your needs mechanically though…

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen such things before; not sure if the trouble finding them is a matter of adequate parametric exposure or shrinkage in variety of electromechanical functions on offer since the days when telephones were stuck to walls.

What other constraints apply, and what sort of quantities are needed? Seems like something that could probably be sourced on a custom basis if needs warrant.

Hi Rick,

Size & BOM cost would be the other primary constraints. These components will be mounted to a PCB. Right now we are just looking for sample components to test in lab, however we will eventually need sourcing for ~150k per year once we launch into production

Hi Buzt,

You could perhaps consider a 4PDT-type non-shorting switch, such as SK-24D28-G 4 NS

See page (I-80)

Just connect the common pins (1, 6, 7, 12) together, then the adjacent pins on each row get shorted
at each switch position (pos 1: 2-11, pos 2: 3-10, pos 3: 4-9, pos 4: 5-8).

Heke, Asamalab

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