SPCM connector types

I want to buy single photon counting modules from excelitas. I see two options to choose from. One is SPCM-AQRH-10-FC (with a fibre coupling connector), and the other is SPCM-AQRH-10 (without a fibre coupling connector). I have used the ones with the coupling connector before; however, the ones available in stock on the digikey website are the ones without the connectors. Can I get brief information on how will the use case change if I use the ones without the connector now? And if they will serve my purpose or not? I am using these to detect photons from an SPDC source. Thanks.

I have requested this information from the Product Specialist and will post his reply as soon as I receive that information.

If you have been using a fibre for input, then the non-FC version will cause them to have to collect he light from the fibre and focus it onto the APD through the window of the TO can. Not that difficult, but inconvenient, as they will need to have a fibre-to-free-space adapter, and a lens or microscope objective to focus the light.

If they cannot wait for the -10-FC, the simpler but more expensive option would be to take the -11-FC which is in stock, albeit at a higher price, although this may be offset by not needing to buy optics….