Sensirion SGP41 physical size

I ordered and received the SGP41 Sensor. I have no idea what to do with this thing…it is too small to see, no wires coming out, etc. I was expecting a sensor similar to sgp30 sensor. It seems like what I got was a surface mount type component or something from another planet…Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Both parts are in the same 6-pin DFN package.

I suspect what you have for the SPG30 is an evaluation board, development board or, breakout board like this:

Here’s an evaluation board for the SPG40:

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This is all I received in package:

That’s a piece of empty carrier tape…

The item ordered would indeed have been a bare sensor IC, rather than an evalution/development/breakout board of the sort Paul mentions.

Small parts of the type do present some difficulties in handling, and occasionally can fall out of the carrier tape unnoticed. Please check the packaging, and if you did not receive the product ordered, requests for return/replacement can be made via your account, as described here.

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I just received a new package from you folks. I was expecting an ic but here is what I have. I have not opened the inside package.

That would appear to be the back side of a piece of carrier tape, of a size suitable for the IC mentioned. It appears to be empty also, though I cannot tell conclusively from the photo.

If it is indeed empty, a likely explanation is that a piece of tape is simply being cut and sent without verification of contents; empty pockets are present at start and ends of a reel to facilitate loading in automated placement equipment.

Please note that the IC in question is of a size that would likely fit in the tape pictured; if you’re not equipped to handle that and you did indeed receive another empty piece of tape, you may wish to simply request a refund and place a new order for an evaluation/breakout board of the sort mentioned by Paul above. A number of such boards for the SGP40 are available here.

It was in the carrier tape this time…although no idea what to do with it as it is smt and not dip. Do you guys know of any prototyping boards that you can fit something of this size on? Thanks for all of your help. Very much appreciated.

I’m not aware of any adapter boards in stock specific to that package, but it would seem that either the PA0101 or PA0101C could possibly be used.

Be advised that attaching the IC to the adapter will probably be quite difficult unless you have suitable tools, e.g. a hot air iron and microscope.