Sensirion formaldehyde sensor module 1649-SFA30-D-T-ND


I was super excited to find the Sensirion formaldehyde sensor on the Digi-Key store. Being an analytical chemist with formaldehyde testing experience, I bought one immediately. I’m having difficulty getting the little fellow to communicate with any of my microcontrollers. Neither I2C or serial modes are bearing fruit. Have tried with simple Arduino Uno controllers, as well as a more robust Teensy controller. Don’t normally have issues communicating with I2C or serial on either with other sensors. Tested before and after the formaldehyde sensor experiments and had no problems. Found and used the code provided by Sensirion on Github for this sensor, but no joy. Getting some kind of ack and/or nack error message that suggest the sensor is not responding to the microcontrollers requests. Would welcome any insight from someone who has had one of these running with via I2C and/or UART with a microcontroller using their code or some similar variant. Willing to trade chemistry for code assistance. Thanks in advance.

Hello Bob,
Thanks for posting your Sensirion formaldehyde sensor support request - Welcome to our community.
You may take a look at the Sensirion_Formaldehyde_Sensors_AN_SFA30_I2C-Interface_Preliminary Description of the SFA30 I²C Interface here to get started:
Regards, Rolf