Adapter for Sensirion AG SHT31 DIS P2.5KS sensors

I am working on an arduino project for a temperature and humidity sensor. I recently purchased two of these sensors. Sensirion supplies arduino code and tutorials for these sensors, but the dimensions of these sensors are so small (2.5mm by 2.5mm) that I wont be able to solder wires to the pinout on the back of the sensor. Is there an adapter that I can place the sensor in which will allow for me to use these sensors for my project?

Hi amacn028,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. We have a number of adapter boards carrying the SHT31 which are suitable for prototyping and small projects.

Here are links to several of them:


I already had this issue in the past and I ve bought one Digitkey website, really good quality and my issue was solved (I think it was the MIKROE-3984)