Conflicting Info for SEN1048 Humidity Sensor

On the Digi-Key product page for the SEN1048, it says it uses a SHT1X sensor, but the link to wiring and sample code shows it uses a SHT20. I’ve tried suggested wiring and sample code for both sensors… with the SHT1X approach I read values that seem to change with humidity, but they are negative so maybe uncalibrated but I think it’s not working correctly. With the SHT20 approach I get 998 errors meaning the sensor is not found.

Can someone please confirm proper wiring and code for interfacing with this sensor?? Thank you!


It’s unclear what particular device you’re referring to; could you please check the P/N provided and/or link to the item in question?

Hi Rick, it’s

One is more or less stuck taking the supplier’s word for it that the device contains an SHT20, with connections brought out as stated in their documentation. Page 11 of the datasheet for the '20 however offers the following interesting tidbit, which casts some light on likely reasons for the reference to '1x sample resources.


If one’s seeing data come back that’s not completely malformed, that’s a fair indication that there’s communication occurring. Data that doesn’t make sense is often a result of mishandling data in code; I’d suggest taking a close look at the datasheet for the SHT20 and whatever code you’re using, and see whether or not that code is going to correctly parse what the sensor’s going to offer.

Thanks Rick, I was able to get the sensor working well with SHT1x protocol. I connected:

Red: 5V
Blue: GND
Yellow: SCL
Black: SDL* add 10K resistor from SDL to 5V line