Speech recognition on raspberrry pi

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The tutorial is very nicely made and practical one . I have gone through all the three episodes. The tutorial site address is : for reference .


However the tutorial explains about single wake word “stop” if i like to add an other one like ‘marvin’, or yes, or no, ‘down’, up etc

github reference : tflite-speech-recognition/02-speech-commands-mfcc-classifier.ipynb at master · ShawnHymel/tflite-speech-recognition · GitHub

exact para :


feature_sets_path = ‘C:\PATH\TO\feature_sets_directory’
feature_sets_filename = ‘all_targets_mfcc_sets.npz’
model_filename = ‘wake_word_stop_model.h5’
wake_word = ‘stop’


Convert ground truth arrays to one wake word (1) and ‘other’ (0)

wake_word_index = all_targets.index(wake_word)
y_train = np.equal(y_train, wake_word_index).astype(‘float64’)
y_val = np.equal(y_val, wake_word_index).astype(‘float64’)
y_test = np.equal(y_test, wake_word_index).astype(‘float64’)

where to add another wake word … please reply…