Splash Screen during shutdown on Beaglebone Black

I noticed that you can modify the wallpaper option in /home/debian/.config/pcmanfm-qt/lxqt/settings.conf to change the desktop wallpaper on the LXQT version of Debian Stretch version 9.5.

Is there a way to have a splash screen shown after entering “shutdown -h now” till the power goes off?

@texasEE, this can get a little tricky when dealing with lxqt/xorg/etc… So let’s simplfy it…

On shutdown, have your script call

systemctl stop lightdm.service

This will shutdown xorg/lxqt/lightdm, thus giving us raw access to the framebuffer… Then just dump your shutdown image to /dev/fb0… (there’s been a few tools written to do this over the years)