Stackpole RSMF2JT1K00 suffix question

I have a reel of RSMF2JT1K00TR, and I was wondering what the TR meant at the end. I thought the T in the middle of the part number represented the packaging type, (ie tape and reel, tube, bulk, tape and box, etc.).

Hello slycer2002,
The part number RSMF2JT1K00 is the Manufacture’s part number, and the T calls out the Tape & Reel packaging.
Digi-Key part numbers for it are the RSMF21JT1K00CT-ND, and the CT is for Cut Tape (Less than a full reel.
We also have the number RSMF21JT1K00TR-ND, and the TR is for the full Tape & Reel.

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Okay, thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate it.

Glad to help.