Difference between RFM95W-915S2 and RFM95W-915S2R

There is no stock of RFM95W-915S2, but there’s a few hundred pieces of RFM95W-915S2R. The datasheet for the RFM95W-915S2 doesn’t mention the version with the “R” at the end and the product listing for the “R” version doesn’t have a datasheet to download. The only information I can find on what the “R” means is in the description where it says it’s the T&R version of the module. Can someone explain what T&R means? Thanks

Hello @tnburrow and welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum,

The T&R calls out the packaging. It stands for Tape and Reel. It just means that it comes in reel packing. The part with out the “R” is bulk packaging. The parts are the exact same. Tape and Reel is often used in large production quantities, but you can easily pop the parts out of the Tape and Reel and use them like bulk packaging if you are only needing a few for hand production. Here is a good explanation on Tape and Reel if you are interested.