Difference between Onsemi Suffix RLRA, RLRP & RLRM

What is the difference between Onsemi suffix RLRA, RLRP & RLRM, mainly used in TO-26 transistor packages ?


This would appear to indicate the manner in which the devices are packaged for shipment; tape & reel, tape & box, etc.

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Many of the datasheets have the reel vs box called out under ordering information.

You may have to look into packaging standards for the differences when not called out in the ordering information.

Here are a couple images from pages 37 & 38 that specifically show RLRM vs RLRP in ammo pack and then RLRA vs RLRE on the reel which is a change in packaging and orientation.


If there is a specific part you still have a question on please let us know and we can clarify that for you.