Onsemi Part Numbering

We often get questions on how to tell the difference between two similar parts such as NTJD1155LT1G and NTJD1155LT2G from Onsemi. As you can see there is only one difference between the part numbers.

First we need to look at the part number breakdown and see what that designator means. Those can be found on this reference document from Onsemi. They are broken up by part type so first we need to go to the relevant section, in this case MOS Power on page 7(shown below).

According to that chart our difference is the Packaging Type and Reel Designator, T1 and T2 respectively. Most of the designations are listed right there on the document, however for the packaging designations we will have to access the Tape and Reel Packaging Standards..

On that document things are broken down by package type so first we will need to find our package, in this case SC-88 or SOT-363. As shown below, the difference between the T1 and T2 designations is the orientation of the part within the tape.