OnSemi, MOSFET N/P-CH - NTJD1155 LT2G & LT1G

I am reviewing the spec from OnSemi for NTJD1155
I am unable to determine the difference of NTJD1155LT2G and NTJD1155LT1G and whether they can be uses interchangeably. DigiKey has a recommendation of different package increments but both parts seem to be on a 3K reel.

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum. These parts are the same in function. The difference lies in the orientation of the parts in the tape and reel packaging. See page 24 here brd8011-d.pdf (onsemi.com) figure 26 , Option 1,3 and Option 2 you will see how T1 and T2 have different orientation in the packaging.