OnSemi SOD-523, SOT-723 T/R packaging options

Some OnSemi discrete devices in very small packages like SOD-523 or SOT-723 have two Tape and Reel (T/R) packaging options.

One option, called out with the “T1” suffix, defines a reel which contains 3000 pieces (for SOD-523) or 4000 pieces (for SOT-723) and has a “dummy pocket”, meaning that only the second pocket of the tape is populated with the actual part

The other option, called out with the “T5” suffix, defines a reel which contains 8000 pieces in a continuous strip, with no dummy pockets.


This information is important for calibrating the Pick & Place machines in automatic assembly processes.

If a certain part has these two taping options, it is explicitly documented in the datasheet in the Ordering Information section

Let’s take for example OnSemI p/n BAT54XV2T1G (BAT54XV2T1GOSTR-ND) for SOD-523 package

The datasheet shows the following:

Digi-Key has in stock both BAT54XV2T1G (BAT54XV2T1GOSTR-ND) and BAT54XV2T5G (BAT54XV2T5GOSTR-ND)

Another example, in SOT-723 packaging this time, is OnSemi p/n NTK3139PT1G (NTK3139PT1GOSTR-ND):

The datasheet shows the following:


Digi-Key has in stock both NTK3139PT1G (NTK3139PT1GOSTR-ND) and NTK3139PT5G (NTK3139PT5GOSDKR-ND) (as DKR)

The same two reel styles apply to Digi-Key cut tape packaging and Digi-Reels (DKR), since those two products are derived from the original manufacturer reels.

In some cases, Digi-Key has only one packaging option, either with a “T1” suffix or a “T5” suffix

For example, p/n MM5Z15VT1G (MM5Z15VT1GOSTR-ND), which Digi-Key stocks only with “T1” suffix. This is correct for the entire OnSemi Zener diodes family.

Further information on OnSemi’s packaging methodology is provided in their Tape and Reel Packaging Specifications Brochure, BRD8011/D, available here:

It should be emphasized that there are other vendors which Digi-Key carries which ship parts in these SOD-523 or SOT-723 packages on continuous tape or in “dummy pocket” reels, but each part has its specific taping method that should be verified in its own datasheet. Not all vendors offer the option to choose as OnSemi has on some of of its products.