STM32MP1 Yocto menuconfig unable to load the drivers

Hello there…
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I’m Working with the Yocto project with the dunfell branch
I have the STM32MP1 dk1 board, to test the kernel

My goal is to load the drivers for the USB WiFi dongles
That’s how, I’m using menuconfig to enable the drivers and customise the kernel

Now, The problem is, after menuconfig it’s successfully generating the image but unfortunately, in custom image I’m unable to find the loadable kernel modules!

I’m flowing the tutorial provided by @ShawnHymel followed by the below URL (which is extreamly good)

From my side, the steps are as follows…

  1. Manually set the required drivers by using menuconfig GUI tool
       bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel
  1. Generate the default configuration
       bitbake -c savedefconfig virtual/kernel

  • also verified the drivers, which I have set in to the menuconfiig
  • drivers exist in defconfig
  1. copy defconfig in to the custom-layer
  1. Updated linux-stm32mp_%.bbappend asper the default configuration


SRC_URI += "\
               file://0001-stm32mp157a-dk1-i2c-add-dts.patch \
# Applying the default configuration

KERNEL_DEFCONFIG_stm32mp1 = "defconfig"

  1. Updated locakl.conf to load the module automatically during the boot

# Adding kernel modules for the USB WiFi drivers

IMAGE_INSTALL += "kernel-module-r8188eu \
                  linux-firmware-rtl8188 \
                  dhcp-client \
                  iw \
                  wpa-supplicant \

# Autoload WiFi driver on boot

  1. Then i done bake the image
   bitbake core-image-minimal

Problem statement :

  1. During the building of the image, I can find the logs to build the modules, which I’d set erlear !
  2. core-image-minimal.menifest seems not updated, as i verified using grep “modules which i set”
  3. After flashing the image on sd card & booting on ab board /lib directory missing all loadable modules!
  4. Even, wpa-supplicant is not working, which i have installed with image

Guys, can you advice what’s baking wrong here! All comments & suggestions welcome

Mahendra Sondagar

Shawn has a good video series on this…

Also take a look at:

Which usb device are you using? is it showing up with lsusb ?

Look in the deploy directory, there should be a list of ./kernel-module-*.ipk or similar format for your newly configured kernel wireless driver.