STM32MP157C-DK2 reboots endlessly with Debian 9

I attempted to install Debian 9 per the instructions at

It’s booting to the touchscreen, displays a login prompt, but the USB keyboard is non-responsive, and after about 10 seconds of the cursor flashing at the arm login: prompt, the board reboots. This same keyboard works fine with the Yocto Linux SD card that comes with the board.

I’ve rebuilt the image twice and gotten the same results. Debian is booting to the touchscreen regardless if I have an HDMI monitor connected or not.

I’d be happy to provide a dmesg log, if I could only log in to get one. Any ideas?

@jcwren, it’s the watchdog timer in u-boot, switch back to v2019.07-rc4.



Just updated from the latest u-boot sources and its no longer rebooting endlessly.