Stm32mp157AAC3 (on stinger96) hanging mid boot during systemd startup

I’ve successfully booted both Debian and Ubuntu on my STM32MP157C-DK2 but when I try to reproduce the steps on a Stinger96 board, which is based on the Stm32mp157AAC3 , both OSs hang during advance stages of the systemd startup. I’m building on a native Ubuntu20 x86_64 machine (not a VM). The console kernel parameter is setup correctly so it’s not that getty is pointing to the wrong serial port. Board just seems to hang, no matter what I do. The supplied Yocto stLinux image boots (came with the board) just fine. I will add that I have been unable to successfully build a uboot image for the board and dd-copied the 1st 3 partitions from their working good yocto sdcard, then just swapped out the 4th partition with Ubuntu and Debian similar to what I used on the ST discovery board. My first suspicion was that I was possibly running out of RAM, since the board only has 256MB, so I added a swapfile into the mix but that didn’t help. Also tried setting default systemd boot to rescue mode, that didn’t help either. I’ve uploaded a capture of the serial output in case that helps. Suggestions are welcome.

serialoutput.log (25.6 KB)

Hi @haimiko , that’s pretty cool it booted that far… Sorry i don’t have that board to directly compare…

[e[0;32m  OK  e[0m] Activated swap e[0;1;39m/var/swape[0m.
[e[0;32m  OK  e[0m] Reached target e[0;1;39mSwape[0m.
[e[0;32m  OK  e[0m] Finished e[0;1;39mSet the console keyboard layoute[0m.
[e[0;32m  OK  e[0m] Finished e[0;1;39mFlush Journal to Persistent Storagee[0m.
[e[0;32m  OK  e[0m] Finished e[0;1;39mudev Coldplug all Devicese[0m.

I’d fully expect getty to fire and give you a login prompt…

What does Debian show, it’s a little more focal then Ubuntu on bootup…

256Mb should be enough to get into a console prompt…


Hi Robert,
I accidentally got it to fully boot Ubuntu 20.04. I was messing around with the reset button during initial Uboot load and unexpectedly, it booted all the way through! If I just plug in the board and allow it to boot on it’s own, it just hangs mid boot. However if I plug in then immediately hit the reset button (MPU PIN NRST), then no issue and it fully boots. I did notice that when I do not press the reset button , then the “hearbeat” led (i.e. connected to MPU PIN PA13) will stop flashing at the moment when the boot hangs. Not sure what this has to to with it. Any insight appreciated.