"Strip" Package type

I’m looking at using a microcontroller and the stated package on the digikey product page indicates that these parts come in a “strip” package. The “?” by the package indicates that this is

Tape & box packages are an unmodified, manufacturer’s standard product package in which components held by a length of tape are rolled or folded into an outer box, usually in a manner permitting product to be removed by pulling through an opening in the box.

The MFG packaging information doesn’t indicate anything thing offer as “strip”. So is this just another way of saying cut-tape?

Thanks for any insight one might have into this.

Hello Rcramer and welcome to the Digi-Key tech forum,

Strip package does usually refer to the cut-tape type strip that is cut away from the original tape, be it tape and box or tape and reel, to provide quantities lesser than the whole full reel/box quantity. Do you have a part number you’re looking at that is specified as “strip” package?


Agreeing with Irfan_Koric, cut strip is generally an indication that these parts are pre-cut into strips either at a manufacturer level or at Digi-Key prior to an order being placed. Per post: What do the Digi-Key suffixes TR, CT, DKR, and ND mean?

For purposes of selecting parts, just consider them as “Cut Tape”, with the exception that the maximum continuous strip may be fairly short for some parts. It also appears that, at the time of this response, a good portion of the Microcontroller items we have designated as “Strip” are actually “Cut Tape”. We are checking these now to verify which ones are which and clean up the listing.

Thank you Irfan!

The part number I’m looking at is 1965-ESP32-S3-MINI-1-N8-ND

Sounds good. The PN I’m looking at is 1965-ESP32-S3-MINI-1-N8-ND. Can you verify if this is actually cut-tape or strips?


Our internal information for this part indicates that we receive it on strips of tape rather than on a full reel. It does not indicate the total number of parts per strip.