Stuck on 'initialising application'

Hi - I just went to save a project I was working on, and it said I was no longer logged in (I had logged in previously to open the project up).

I tried to login, but then it froze, and now it is stuck on ‘initialising application’ when I try to load the page.

The project URL page is

It went down about 17.00. I had done quite a lot of work between saves and I’m worried it will have been lost.

I have attached some pictures that might help.

@savt22 - The issue causing the log-out and freeze has been fixed. Any work done after your last save did not make it to the servers for recovery, however, your recent changes may remain in your browser cache :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for the update.

Unfortunately I did loose my work :(. I’ll get back to it now.