Cannot open saved projects

As of today, May 30, 2022 I cannot open my saved projects. The page isn’t loading properly and I get blank screen. I have tried several files with the same result. Is anyone else having this issue today? The last time I used Scheme-it was a month or so ago.
Thank you


Thank you for posting about the problem you are experiencing. I first signed in to Scheme it using Chrome. I created a new project and saved it. I then logged into Scheme it on another computer using Edge and opened that project. It seemed to work perfectly.

With that said, my project was very simple since it was just a test. My recommendation would be to first clear any cookies and history from your browser and see if that makes a difference. If you are still experiencing issues I can look into this for you.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for responding.

I first noticed this issue yesterday, using Chrome which is my default browser.

Today I tried clearing my history and cookies and it hasn’t made a difference.

Following that I installed Edge and tried loading my designs in Edge. There was no difference with Edge.

The page view is messed up. In once case I was able to see my schematic by scrolling way down the screen. In other cases I cannot even see the saved projects or log in.

I have never had issues before and now there is something wrong with the service. My designs are also simple.

Thank you


Can you please share the name of the project that you are having trouble accessing? Also, we have occasionally seen where an ad-blocker can cause issues similar to what you are reporting. You may want to try to temporarily turn off any adblockers to see if it let’s you open those saved projects.

Hi Mike,

I just tried it now and things seem to be working again.

The project I opened is called “B015_V2_VIT”. But the issued didn’t seem to be project related, it seemed like an issue with the website / service.



Glad to hear it is working as expected again. Please let us know if you experience any other issues.