All my project are empty

Hello all,
i use schemeit for about one year.
since one month, each time i want to reopen one of my existing project, i have nothing on the diagram screen => it seems that schemeit has forgotten all my project (schematic).
i m an engineer and i use schemeit to illustrate some project on ppt slides so i have a lot of small project lost at this time…
i try to do a new schematic, i save it, and when i reopen it => nothing, schematic is empty :frowning_face:
someone to help me…
thanks in advance for your support.

i try this:
win 10 / firefox / chrome / edge on my work laptop ==> NOK
win 10 / firefox / chrome / edge on my perosnal laptop ==> OK
ubuntu / mint 19 , firefox, chrome perso laptop ==> OK

it seems to be related to my work laptop configuration.
so i have to speak with the IT of my workplace…

happy new year.

You may need to delete your cookies to get it back.

thanks Bob_1391.
i have already test this solution without any results.
schemeit does not work properly on my laptop…

Did you check with your IT? I am not sure why it would not work. Looks like you have tried everything.

i don’t hav check with my IT yet.
i will test with a colleague laptop (same configuration : chrome + win10 entreprise) and i will give you updated news.

Was your I.T. department able to help you with this? If so, what was the outcome?


Yes it’s ok.

The problem was related to CORS security policy.

Impossible to connect to your server