Suitable for our system?

We are looking for the following fuse type and rating for our system to prevent overheating or potential fire hazard.

Brand: Littlefuse
Product category: Class T fuse – JLLS series
Model: JLLS125 (what is the difference between of un-plated and plated)
[Electric Motor.pdf|attachment (upload://iPtHteg6WmwsBINhbQmiAHvEYIc.pdf) (327.8 KB)

Attached is the motor specification and the following system detail for supplier reference.
Our system currently includes a 200A breaker to prevent short circuit or overheating.
Hydraulic motor operating detail:
• It an initial 0.2-second free run during start-up.
• It operates continuously within a 6-second full cycle at 97A and a working pressure of 175 bar.

Could you please advise is the above model that had chosen is suitable for our system?

Hello @leknee.theng and welcome to the forum! To answer your questions:

  • The difference between plated and unplated is the presence of a silver plating layer over the terminal. Unplated is simply a copper terminal in the case of JLLS125.

  • As far as suitability, this looks like a normal selection for the application you’ve described, but I have an incomplete picture. I would recommend seeking advice from an engineer who can more thoroughly investigate your system.

As a note, it seems like you have an email chain ongoing with one of our techs, it seems they have reached out to a product specialist and may be in touch with you via email. I hope this helps!

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