Surface Fuse ID help


Hello. Does anyone have tips to identify a fuse in general or in this case? I don’t have a schematic or other documentation to look it up.

It’s centered in the picture, attached. It just says “TH” on it. Its footprint measures about 3.2 by 1.5mm.

Not sure if this helps, but the incoming power to the device is DC 12v, and it says it needs 400mA or more current.

Thanks much for any thoughts.


Looks like part F2658CT-ND 1.0A 63V.


Thanks, Robert. I assume that the TH and TF markings are vendor specific and not a code… or are they? Can you tell me how you identified this to be the part so I’ll have a shot at doing it in the future?



They are a vendor specific code. If you look in the data sheet you will see that the 1A part will have that marking on it.
As for finding it I recognized the color and shape as a familiar manufacturer and then checked the data sheet. No magic just familiar with them.


Okay, thanks!