Symantec Enterprise Security

As an apparent result of the acquisition of the Symantec Enterprise Security business by Broadcom Inc., Digi-Key has been receiving numerous calls for support of Symantec software products and services, particularly regarding subscription renewals for Symantec Endpoint Protection products.

Please be advised that Digi-Key does NOT sell, service, or support current or former Symantec software products at the time of this posting, and is unlikely to do so in the near future.

Based on conversations with several confused callers, it appears that the agents at the Broadcom/Symantec call centers have been incorrectly trained/instructed to direct persons seeking support for Symantec products to contact one of the distributors listed on the Broadcom website, among which Digi-Key is listed. At the time of writing, these are distributors for Broadcom’s electronic component products such as RF transistors, optoisolators, 7-segment displays, and so forth, for which Digi-Key is indeed an authroized distributor. The acquired Symantec assests are a separate business unit however, for which Digi-Key is not an authorized sales or support channel.

A suggested avenue for those seeking support for Symantec software products acquired by Broadcom is Though we at Digi-Key sympathize with those customers of Symantec products who are experiencing confusion or misdirection, we are unable to provide any assistance or support for Symantec software products at this time.