Any remaining TDA21240 ICs still in stock ? why lead time so long ?

Unfortunately no, the web page shows no stock which is updated nearly instantly from our warehouse. There are no suitable alternates for now either. Lead time tends to be long no matter who the manufacturer is. Lead time for most companies these days tend to be longer than average as there is a general silicon chip shortage due to extremely high demand. However, this is not the only reason lead times are long, there are a lot of factors each manufacturer has for lead time and we cannot be sure for each part as that info is not shared with distributors.

The Infineon website shows that RS components in the UK has some stock.

At work we’re finding that checking the manufacturers web site has found us almost everything we couldn’t find through our normal suppliers. A big surprise was that some parts, not in stock at any distributor, or shown as available on the Microchip main web site, were available at