Infineon memory products discontinued at DigiKey?

I contact Infineon and they say the CY14E256LA series is in full production but delayed due to supply chain issues. DigiKey and all the other distributors show it as discontinued. Does anyone know if this is due to something like a part number change? Do the distributors discontinue chips that are long lead.



I have submitted a request to have this reviewed I have asked that they provide insight went they are able.

regarding CY14E256LA with root part number CY14B256 our recommended manufacturer part number is: CY14B256LA-SZ25XIT with our ordering options:
428-3960-2-ND - full manufacturer Tape and Reel (TR)
428-3960-1-ND - Cut Tape (CT)
428-3960-6-ND - Digi-Reel®
As Marketplace product we still offer the officially obsoleted part numbers from Cypress-Semiconductor (now Infineon) via
Rochester Electronics, LLC
with these speed grades:

Hi Rolf,

Thank you for this information. I don’t think I phrased my question correctly.

Digikey lists the part as Obsolete.

Infineon lists the part as full production.

Why is Digikey listing the part as Obsolete when Infineon has confirmed it is still in production?



Digikey is listing this part already as Obsolete even when Infineon is actually confirming online that it is still in production because we received their Factory Lead Time with 47 Weeks being out of our order book capabilities.

Thanks. Now I understand why the listing.



Also they gave the below LTBpdf which does list these item numbers. It is possible that sense the LTB date is not until Dec. that their site still shows production.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks so much. This helps us gap our upcoming production. Looks like I have some work to do.