Chip id

Im trying to find part number that’s available from digikey
marking is NQ277


Hello blueoceansurf7,

I was able to find the device on the Micron website. This flash memory appears to have a part number of MT29F1G08ABADAH4-IT:D. Unfortunately, DigiKey lists the item as obsolete. Ref:

DigiKey’s site does mention a Cypress S34ML01G200BHI000 substitute at the bottom of this page:

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee success for your particular application as there are security features for devices such as this including a One Time Programmable (OTP) area as well as a unique ID that may or may not be activated in your device. Also, there may or may not be a method to update the flash memory contents.

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P.S. I’ve known folks who have taught themselves to remove and then reinstall BGA devices such as this. It was like watching a surgeon remove chips from the donor device and bring the the old back to life.

Greetings, we have these parts available with similar specifications, please review the datasheets to see if one will work for your application.