Compatible memory with CY7C53150 Neuron processor

We have a number of mature products that were developed using Echelon Lonbus. Although you can still get the Infineon processor, there appear to be no compatible current memory chips available that will work with this processor. Has anyone found a solution?

Hello Avidity_Mike - welcome to the Forum Community. I posted your question on our internal Forum and I received some information you may want to look over. But, according to these, there are no compatible flash memories available. I wanted to let you know that I have reached out to my Product Manager for input. As soon as I hear back from him, I’ll let you know.

Hello Avidity_Mike - here are some other suggestions received from one of my colleagues:

There are still these compatible flash memories available in stock:

AT49F512-90VI as IC FLASH 512KBIT PARALLEL in 32VSOP from Microchip Technology

CAT28F512HI-90 as Marketplace option of this IC 512kbit (organized as 64kbit x 8) PARALLEL FLASH in 32TSOP from onsemi

AS29CF010-55CCIN as IC FLSH 1Mbit PARALLEL 32PLCC from Alliance Memory, Inc.

SST39SF010A-55-4C-NHE as IC FLASH 1MBIT PARALLEL 32PLCC from Microchip Technology

N28F256A150 as Marketplace option of the smallest IC FLASH 256kbit PARALLEL 32PLCC Intel