TDK Lamda VEGA modules

Do you sell separate TDK Lamda VEGA power supply modules? I require a C5 module at 24V but don’t require the entire VEGA 650 supply.

Hello UA_partsNeeded,

I’m sorry, but we do not carry the Vega C5 module. I searched our system, and we do not carry any TDK Lambda Vega power modules.

Hi @UA_partsNeeded ,

For reference, the Vega 650 configurable power supply is DigiKey number VEGASERIES-ND (manufacturer number: vegaseriesconfigurable). It appears 285-H40935-ND is the only TDK Lambda module we currently stock but it is for a different series. The Vega 650 Datasheet shows the C5 module as an orderable part although it is hard to tell since the power supply is not recommended for new designs and may be going obsolete. We could submit a non-catalog quote for the module and see if they are able to quote it, you’d just have to verify the exact part number for the module, as there may be options you may need on the module per the datasheet.


I need option N for the C5 module.


Hi Randy, @UA_partsNeeded

Thank you for your reply. For a non-catalog quote, please reach out via email to with below information, as TechForum is a public platform. They should be able to get the quote processed in 3-10 business days, and if the module is orderable, they will provide the quote at the quantity needed.

Noncat Request
TDK Lambda 24V C5 Module option N (Part# C5N) for Vega AC/DC 650 configurable supply
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