TDK-Lambda LED Driver Replacement P/Ns Pub. 4/25/2018

TDK-Lambda released a PCN on April 25th, 2018 outlining the obsolescence of the KS, KWS, RT, CC-E (48V input), PAH200H, UNA, and 3 models of the ALD. You can view that document here. You can view the obsolete part numbers with the manufacturer recommended part numbers below. Click on the Digi-key part number to view the respective product page for each part number. Please note that not all products have a recommended replacement part number.

Obsolete P/N Digi-Key P/N Recommend Replacement P/N Digi-Key P/N
CC15-4803SFH-E CC15-4803SFH-E-ND CCG154803S 285-2608-ND
CC15-4803SFP-E 285-1951-ND CCG154803S 285-2608-ND
CC15-4803SRH-E CC15-4803SRH-E-ND CCG154803S 285-2608-ND
CC15-4803SRP-E CC15-4803SRP-E-ND CCG154803S 285-2608-ND
CC15-4805SFH-E CC15-4805SFH-E-ND CCG154805S 285-2609-ND
CC15-4805SFP-E 285-1953-ND CCG154805S 285-2609-ND
CC15-4805SRH-E CC15-4805SRH-E-ND CCG154805S 285-2609-ND
CC15-4805SRP-E CC15-4805SRP-E-ND CCG154805S 285-2609-ND
CC15-4812SFH-E CC15-4812SFH-E-ND CCG154812S 285-2610-ND
CC15-4812SFP-E 285-1955-ND CCG154812S 285-2610-ND
CC15-4812SRH-E CC15-4812SRH-E-ND CCG154812S 285-2610-ND
CC15-4812SRP-E CC15-4812SRP-E-ND CCG154812S 285-2610-ND
CC15-4815SFH-E CC15-4815SFH-E-ND CCG154815S 285-2611-ND
285-1957-ND CCG154815S 285-2611-ND
CC15-4815SRH-E CC15-4815SRH-E-ND CCG154815S 285-2611-ND
CC15-4815SRP-E CC15-4815SRP-E-ND CCG154815S 285-2611-ND
CC30-4803SFH-E CC30-4803SFH-E-ND CCG304803S 285-2414-ND
CC30-4803SFP-E 285-1959-ND CCG304803S 285-2414-ND
CC30-4803SRH-E CC30-4803SRH-E-ND CCG304803S 285-2414-ND
CC30-4803SRP-E CC30-4803SRP-E-ND CCG304803S 285-2414-ND
CC30-4805SFH-E CC30-4805SFH-E-ND CCG304805S 285-2413-ND
CC30-4805SFP-E 285-1961-ND CCG304805S 285-2413-ND
CC30-4805SRH-E CC30-4805SRH-E-ND CCG304805S 285-2413-ND
CC30-4805SRP-E CC30-4805SRP-E-ND CCG304805S 285-2413-ND
CC30-4812SFH-E CC30-4812SFH-E-ND CCG304812S 285-2415-ND
CC30-4812SFP-E 285-1963-ND CCG304812S 285-2415-ND
CC30-4812SRH-E CC30-4812SRH-E-ND CCG304812S 285-2415-ND
CC30-4812SRP-E CC30-4812SRP-E-ND CCG304812S 285-2415-ND
CC30-4815SFH-E CC30-4815SFH-E-ND CCG304815S 285-2416-ND
CC30-4815SFP-E 285-1965-ND CCG304815S 285-2416-ND
CC30-4815SRH-E CC30-4815SRH-E-ND CCG304815S 285-2416-ND
CC30-4815SRP-E CC30-4815SRP-E-ND CCG304815S 285-2416-ND
KS1012 KS1012-ND KWS10A-12 285-2482-ND
KS105 KS105-ND KWS10A-5 285-2485-ND
KS1512 KS1512-ND KWS15A-12 285-2486-ND
KS155 KS155-ND KWS15A-5 285-2489-ND
KS512 KS512-ND KWS5A-12 285-2494-ND
KS55 KS55-ND KWS5A-5 285-2497-ND
KWS10-12 285-1428-ND KWS10A-12 285-2482-ND
KWS10-15 285-1429-ND KWS10A-15 285-2483-ND
KWS10-5 285-1430-ND KWS10A-5 285-2485-ND
KWS15-12 285-1431-ND KWS15A-12 285-2486-ND
KWS15-15 285-1432-ND KWS15A-15 285-2487-ND
KWS15-5 285-1433-ND KWS15A-5 285-2489-ND
KWS5-12 285-1434-ND KWS5A-12 285-2494-ND
KWS5-15 285-1435-ND KWS5A-15 285-2495-ND
KWS5-5 285-1436-ND KWS5A-5 285-2497-ND
SWT30-522 285-1068-ND CUT35522 285-2696-ND
SWT30-525 285-1069-ND ZPT405125N 285-1662-ND
SWT30-5FF 285-1070-ND CUT355FF 285-2699-ND
SWT40-522 285-1071-ND CUT35522 285-2696-ND
SWT40-525 285-1072-ND ZPT405125N 285-1662-ND
SWT40-5FF 285-1073-ND CUT355FF 285-2699-ND
SWT65-522 285-1074-ND CUT75522 285-2382-ND
SWT65-525 285-1075-ND JWT75525/B JWT75525/B-ND
SWT65-5FF 285-1076-ND CUT755FF 285-2384-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.

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