Artesyn Embedded Power LPS, LTP, NFS & CXA Replacement P/Ns

The LPS, LTP, NFS, and CXA series AC DC converters from Artesyn Embedded Power were obsoleted by this PCN that was published on November 6th, 2019. You can view the obsoleted part numbers and the manufacturer’s recommended replacements in the table below. Please click on the Digi-Key part number to view the respective product page.

Obsolete P/N Digi-Key P/N Replacement P/N Digi-Key P/N
LPS22 454-1353-ND NPS22-M 454-1417-ND
LPS23 454-1694-ND NPS23-M 454-1418-ND
LPS24 LPS24-ND NPS24-M 454-1419-ND
LPS25 454-1354-ND NPS25-M NPS25-M-ND
LPS253-C 454-1207-ND CPS253-M 454-1750-ND
LPS255-C 454-1213-ND CPS255-M 454-1751-ND
CPS255-M 454-1751-ND NPT42-M 454-1538-ND
LPT23 454-1356-ND NPT43-M 454-1546-ND
LPT24 454-1079-ND NPT44-M 454-1541-ND
NFS110-7602J NFS110-7602J-ND LPT104-M 454-1480-ND
NFS110-7602PJ 454-1309-ND LPT104-M 454-1480-ND
NFS110-7604J NFS110-7604J-ND LPT103-M 454-1460-ND
NFS110-7604PJ NFS110-7604PJ-ND LPT103-M 454-1460-ND
NFS110-7901PJ NFS110-7901PJ-ND LPT102-M 454-1459-ND
NFS110-7902PJ 454-1360-ND LPT104-M 454-1480-ND
NFS40-7605J 454-1361-ND LPS42 454-1073-ND
NFS40-7607J NFS40-7607J-ND LPT44 454-1080-ND
NFS40-7608J NFS40-7608J-ND LPT42 454-1075-ND
NFS40-7610J 454-1311-ND LPT45 454-1081-ND
NFS40-7612J 454-1312-ND LPS43 454-1070-ND
NFS40-7615J NFS40-7615J-ND LPS44 LPS44-ND
NFS40-7624J 454-1313-ND LPS45 454-1071-ND
NFS40-7628J NFS40-7628J-ND LPT43 454-1076-ND
NFS40-76S3J NFS40-76S3J-ND LPS41 LPS41-ND
CXA10-48S05J 393-1192-ND AEE03A36-LS 454-1620-ND
CXA10-48S05-SJ CXA10-48S05-SJ-ND AEE03A36-LS 454-1620-ND
CXA10-48S12J 393-1193-ND AEE01B36-LS 454-1616-ND
AVE450-48S32LD AVE450-48S32LD-ND AVE450B-48S28-6L/M AVE450B-48S28-6L/M-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.

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