TE Connectivity RM Series Relay Replacement P/Ns

The RM relay series from TE Connectivity was obsoleted with a PCN published March 6th, 2018. You can view PCN E-18-003016 here. The manufacturer provided a list of alternate part numbers for some of the obsoleted part numbers. Please view the table below to see the obsoleted part numbers and the manufacturer recommended alternate. Please click on the Digi-Key part number to view the respects product page. Please note, not all the obsoleted part numbers had a recommended replacement part number.

Obsolete P/N Digi-Key P/N Alternate P/N Digi-Key P/N
RM703024 RM703024-ND RM723024 N/A
RM705615 PB927-ND 3-1415546-5 3-1415546-5-ND
RM705730 PB1574-ND 3-1415546-6 3-1415546-6-ND
RM732024 PB1577-ND RM772024 PB3373-ND
RM732730 RM732730-ND 4-1415546-0 4-1415546-0-ND
RMC05048 RMC05048-ND 5-1415546-7 N/A
RMC05730 PB1587-ND 5-1415544-9 N/A
RMD05012 PB934-ND 5-1415546-8 5-1415546-8
RMD05024 PB1588-ND 5-1415546-9 5-1415546-9-ND
RM707730 PB1576-ND RM727730 RM727730-ND
RM732060 RM732060-ND 2-1415545-1 N/A
RM507024 PB1853-ND 2-1415546-6 2-1415546-6-ND
RM602024 PB1852-ND 2-1415546-8 2-1415546-8-ND
RM607024 PB1571-ND 5-1415538-2 5-1415538-2-ND
RM702012 RM702012-ND 3-1415546-1 N/A
RM205024 RM205024-ND 1415542-8 1415542-8-ND
RM805524 PB932-ND 4-1415546-5 4-1415546-5-ND
RM738024 RM738024-ND 4-1415546-2 N/A
RM739730 RM739730-ND 4-1415546-3 N/A
RM805012 PB931-ND 4-1415546-4 4-1415546-4-ND
RM205524 RM205524-ND 1-1415546-9 N/A
RM205615 PB921-ND 2-1415546-0 2-1415546-0-ND
RM205730 PB1566-ND 1415542-9 1415542-9-ND
RM207024 PB2139-ND 2-1415546-1 2-1415546-1-ND
RM207730 PB1567-ND 2-1415546-2 2-1415546-2-ND
RM805615 PB933-ND 4-1415546-6 4-1415546-6-ND
RM805730 PB1580-ND 5-1415544-8 5-1415544-8-ND
RM809730 RM809730-ND 4-1415546-8 N/A
RM835024 PB1584-ND 4-1415546-9 4-1415546-9-ND
RM835048 PB1843-ND 5-1415546-0 5-1415546-0-ND
RM835730 PB1585-ND RM875730 PB3343-ND
RM838012 RM838012-ND 5-1415546-2 N/A
RM838024 PB1586-ND 5-1415546-3 5-1415546-3-ND
RMC05024 RMC05024-ND 5-1415546-6 5-1415546-6-ND
RMD05730 PB1589-ND 6-1415544-0 6-1415544-0-ND
4-1415506-1 4-1415506-1-ND 4-1415546-1 N/A
RM839024 PB1880-ND 5-1415546-4 5-1415546-4-ND
RM809024 PB1582-ND 4-1415546-7 4-1415546-7-ND
RM607012 PB1570-ND 2-1415546-9 2-1415546-9-ND
RM607730 RM607730-ND 3-1415546-0 N/A
RM307024 RM307024-ND 5-1415538-3 N/A
RM502012 RM502012-ND 2-1415546-4 N/A
RM702024 PB924-ND 3-1415546-2 3-1415546-2-ND
RM505024 PB1568-ND 8-1415545-7 N/A
RM202012 PB918-ND 1-1415546-7 1-1415546-7-ND
RM202024 PB919-ND 1415546-2 1415546-2-ND
RM205012 RM205012-ND 1415542-7 1415542-7-ND
RM302024 PB923-ND 2-1415546-3 2-1415546-3-ND
RM732012 RM732012-ND 3-1415546-9 N/A
RM705024 PB1573-ND 3-1415546-4 3-1415546-4-ND
RM707024 PB1575-ND 3-1415546-7 3-1415546-7-ND
RM505730 PB1569-ND 2-1415546-5 N/A

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.