TE M.2 (NGFF) Mini Card Connector Appearance Inquiry

Inquiries about the appearance of the M.2 (NGFF) Mini Card Connector from TE is a common question. Many customers are concerned that the appearance of the KEY ID “M” model is not the same as is shown on the datasheet.

According to datasheet, the Minus of the dimension E of KEY ID “E” means the Key space location is on the right side of the diagram shown on datasheet.


Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
1-2199119-0-ND,2266-1-2199119-0TR-ND 1-2199119-0
A115902TR-ND,A115902CT-ND,A115902DKR-ND 1-2199119-5
17-1-2199119-6TR-ND,17-1-2199119-6CT-ND 1-2199119-6
2199119-1-ND 2199119-1
A115899TR-ND,A115899CT-ND,A115899DKR-ND 2199119-3
A115900TR-ND,A115900CT-ND,A115900DKR-ND 2199119-4
A130925TR-ND,A130925CT-ND,A130925DKR-ND 2199119-5
2199119-6-ND 2199119-6
2199119-7-ND 2199119-7
A115901TR-ND,A115901CT-ND,A115901DKR-ND 2199119-8
2199119-9-ND,2266-2199119-9-ND 2199119-9