TE M12 Circular Connector

TE’s M12 connector is one of your options for reliable sensor connections in Industrial Machinery and Factory Automation. There are 4 pin arrangement options for the “M12 Receptacle, PCB assembly, Angled, Shielded, A-code” style of connector namely as below

T4145035021-001 : 2 positions
T4145035031-001 : 3 positions
T4145035041-001 : 4 positions
T4145035051-001 : 5 positions

If you are looking at the datasheet, TE shows the five-position pin assignment with its recommended PCB layout.


For the two, three, and four pin arrangements, you can refer to TABLE 2 of the datasheet,


On the diagram:
The image icon means there is a physical pin available
The image icon means this position is empty.