Teensy 4.1 to control solenoid coil

I have a solenoid coil that operates with the attached specs

I want to drive it using teensy 4.1 but am looking for help getting the correct components between the teensy and the coil. I expect to integrate this into a pcb in the near future.

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I’m not familiar with the teensy 4.1, but you will need some type of relay that can be controlled by the teensy 4.1, and the contacts for the 12VDC @ 1A to activate the solenoid. The main question would be what voltage and current can you output from the teensy 4.1 to activate the relay?

Teensy I/O outputs are 3.3V if I understand correctly, so a low-threshold FET would be needed. One of these would likely work.

Some means of dissipating energy in the coil inductance during turn-off is also needed. A diode across the controlled relay is the simplest and least component-specific solution, but there are other solutions offering different advantages and disadvantages.

The teensy does indeed run at 3volts. The coil today connected to the manual potentiometer on the tractor reads 11 volts and about .5 amps.

I’m thinking I need some type of driver connected to the teensy that can be used to turn on and off battery voltage to the coil.

That’s correct. The diode and transistor suggested could be connected to the coil as such to do the job.