TEG Power/Voltage at different Temperatures

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Recently I bought Marlow Industries’ TEG’s, the specific model is the TG12-4-01LS. I was looking through the data sheets and they show the power and optimal voltages at different hot side temperatures, and a fixed cold side temperature of 50 and 100 degrees Celcius.

I wanted to ask if there is a way to calculate the power and output thermal voltage of these TEG’s at a different cold side temperature, let’s say lower than 50 degrees Celsius. I am conducting an experiment where I am using the hot side of a solar module and the ambient temperature as the cold side of the TEG. However, the cold side temperature doesn’t reach as high as 50 degrees C, so I don’t know how to quantify an output voltage or power from these values without using a voltage reader.

tg12-4-datasheet.pdf (432.5 KB)

I attached a copy of the data sheet for the TEG.

Thank you in advance.

Checking on this. Will let you know when I have the information.

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Hi jccisnerp,

You should take a look at this post on the topic for help in understanding this.

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Thank you for the swift reply, I will take a look!