Tensilisity 8 conductor cable question

I’m looking at some Tensilisity 28awg eight conductor cable. 30-00674
Digi-Key Part Number T1435-1-ND
Manufacturer Tensility International Corp
Manufacturer Product Number 30-00674

It has a price of $5 and something. I don’t know what the length is. I’m thinking that is a per foot price maybe. So if I enter 100 I’ll get a continuous 100ft length. However, it’s expensive and I’m not sure so thought I’d ask first.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Part T1435-1-ND comes in 1 meter lengths.

So that is for one meter and if i order five i will get five individual lengths each 1 meter long?

if this is the case i’m glad i asked first. What i need is about four 7 meter lengths or one 28 meter length. is there any way to do this other than a whole spool which will be much longer in total than this?

Hello @TomM

It also looks like we sell this one in a 30M length.

Just as a note, these alternate lengths are linked below the pricing area, as circled in this view of the product detail page: