Cable Part Number 30-01041 order quantity question

Detailed Description: 5 Conductor Multi-Conductor Cable Black 22 AWG Foil, Braid 3.28’ (1.00m)

I’m not sure what quantity to put when ordering this material. The description has it by the meter. If I order 3 do I get 3 meters of a single cable or 3 pieces each being a meter in length. Or will it be a single cable 3 meters long?

I would guess one piece three meters long.

The quantity is on a one to one ratio. Each cable in this instance is 3.28’ long or 1 meter. So all together it would measure 3m when added up, but each cable is only 1m long. These are pre-cut to individual lengths.

Is there a similar cable cut to length, like 24 feet?

There is an option that can be cut “by the foot” from a manufacturer called Igus. The way this works is you simply enter the amount you want in the quantity box and it will represent the number of feet you want. is the link to the product page. The only caveat is this particular item is shipped by Igus and takes around 1 day based on what they say for shipping. You’d enter 25 and receive 25’ from Igus.

In case you didn’t notice, that specific cable is available in 3.28’ (1.00m), 16.40’ (5.00m), 98.43’ (30.00m) & 502.0’ (153.0m) lengths.

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Those are options too, but they can’t be cut by us to length.

Depending on the total continuous length you need, PaulHutch’s suggestion is likely the best option.

However, if you need a specific length and don’t want to cut down, we have a similar 6-conductor cable available in the 2320-302206S-DS-ND. It’s a bit more expensive on a per-unit basis, but it may be a better deal compared to buying a much longer piece to get the specific length you need.

The key to finding the cables that we cut to length is to look under the “Packaging” parameter and select “Digi-Spool™, Continuous Spool”. See below: