Cable 22 AWG, 2 conductor with OD Max 1.37mm

I need one cable is 22 AWG, 2 conductor with OD Max 1.37mm. May refer to the Tensility P/N: 30-0041730-00417. The one which the OD 1.8+/-0.15mm, I need in max 1.37mm. Please propose any.
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This 22 AWG red/black cable is 1.5mm OD per wire.

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@ Erik09


Part number 30-0041730-00417 is basically two wires where each has an O.D. of 1.8mm, and the overall result is a 3.6mm wide double-strand. That is a value that can be used to filter out a set of parts that are likely to fit the requirements since 1.37mm (approx. 1.4mm) can be be doubled to a limit of 2.8mm.

Here are those results at 22 AWG: [ 2.8mm O.D. or Less ]. Note that nearly everything is a non-stocked item. I tried the same search at 20AWG, and the results were also non-stocked.

Part number 21458-22-2-0500-0104-1-TS, which Paul proposed earlier, is one of the closest in-stock items available with a 3.0mm overall diameter (1.5mm per wire).