FEP (1.5 mm²) 392x0.07 Red Cable

I am looking for a supplier of the following FEP (1.5 mm²) 392x0.07 Red Cable.

Hello samj Welcome to the Forum.
Are you looking for some Multi-conductor cable with the FEP type jacket material? for example These Cables.
The 1.5 mm² are you referring to the AWG size, if so about a 16awg. You could look at this part as an option BEL1509-100-ND
Please check these out and see if that if what you need.
Any questions please let us know.

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I didn’t see 392/0.07mm stranding in multiple conductor cables, but there are some in Single Conductor Cables (Hook-Up Wire). The 0.07mm is shown as 0.0028 inches. There are various colors available (including red), but the only jacket material options are PVC and silicone. These manufacturers might have a FEP option, though, in one of their catalogs.

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